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[hereinafter called “Lewebsimple”]

The following policies apply to all customers of the services and products Lewebsimple.

By subscribing or using one or SEVERAL Lewebsimple services including subscription via a third party representative or commercialization partner, YOU ACCEPT THE POLICIES DESCRIBED HEREIN AND AGREE TO COMPLY.

General terms of the agreement

Lewebsimple undertakes to provide the Customer with the internet hosting services. Lewebsimple is committed to devoting all reasonable efforts commercially to ensure the best possible service to the Customer.

privacy policy

Lewebsimple undertakes to use the personal information given to him by the customer only as part of its daily operations and not to disclose them to other parties without the prior consent of affected customers except Law enforcement authorities, if requested by such authorities, and collection agencies when necessary. Lewebsimple may use the name of the firm or the client, as well as comments submitted by that reference in its advertising or in the texts of its site. The customer can, at any time, send an email notification to ask what his name or his comments were not used.

Illegal or inappropriate behavior

Lewebsimple is responsible for any illegal activity or unacceptable content host websites on their web server. Any website with illegal or inappropriate material will be immediately suspended, and without notice. Therefore, it is Customer’s responsibility to monitor the comments made on their website.

Connectivity services in the Internet.

Lewebsimple undertakes to provide the Customer with the IP addressing services and website hosting.

Other services

If the Customer so requests, Lewebsimple may in its discretion provide the Customer with technical and non-technical support, as appropriate, other than that included in the package especially with respect to the mail box creation, reset of your access codes, configuration of email account on smart phones, the operating diagnostic scripts and programming, DNS or some other type of support (“other services”), as part of the use by the Client of the Client space and bandwidth services. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the Customer agrees to pay the provision of these other services at a rate of $ 60 CAD per hour, billed in blocks of at least 30 minutes each.

Installation, removal, access to property and equipment

Lewebsimple is responsible for the installation of equipment and is the sole owner of the equipment used by the customer. The client does not have and can not exercise any rights over the equipment. Access to the equipment is not allowed. The customer shall in no case be allowed to work or make changes to equipment.

Immediate threat

If, in the opinion of Lewebsimple, acting reasonably that, the site hosted server or an immediate threat to the integrity or performance of the hardware or network Lewebsimple or some other user services, or is a immediate threat to the safety of any person whatsoever Lewebsimple can then take the steps it deems necessary, without notice to the Customer and without liability for damages that may then be caused by a possible break in the sequence the Client’s business (or clients thereof, as appropriate). As soon as possible after the completion of such work, Lewebsimple notify the Customer by email and / or telephone to the nature of the measures taken or made work, as appropriate.

Using Email

You agree to use the e-mail service Internet business only to send and receive messages and material that are proper. In addition to the general terms set out above, as an example and not to limit the generality of the foregoing, you agree to use the Business Internet Mail service by refraining to do the following:

use the service in connection with pyramid schemes, or sending mass unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise);

inhibit any other user to enjoy the service;

create a false identity in order to induce others in error or forge the headers of your email messages in any way;

use, download or otherwise copy, or provide (or not) to a person or entity any directory of users of that service, or other information about users or use, or any portion thereof;

promote or facilitate the transmission of unsolicited electronic messages;

Attach an excessively long signature to your messages;

send messages to disrupt or cause difficulties in receiving other email.


In the event Lewebsimple so requests by email, Customer agrees to relocate its website or its (their) server (s) to the new location offered by Lewebsimple and, within thirty (30) days receipt of notice to that effect.


The Customer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Lewebsimple against all claims, liability or any damage that may arise or result from the use and / or occupation of hosting space leased by the Client. Lewebsimple will in no event be liable for any loss, theft, loss, damage or destruction of any personal property including Customer data stored or placed by him in the rented space or surrounding property regardless of the cause. Under no circumstances will Lewebsimple required to provide insurance for the equipment The Customer owns or data hosted by The Client.

Customer defaults

If the Customer is in default with any of the obligations incumbent upon it under this Convention, Lewebsimple may at its option take one or the other if not all of the following:

suspend access to the Customer space, without notice; (ii) if the Customer is in default due to non-payment of any amount due to Lewebsimple may exercise all rights and remedies granted to a holder of a guarantee in part under applicable law, including, without limiting the the following proceed respecting the shorter notice period provided by law (if any).

Billing method

Except on the part of the Customer, billing Lewebsimple services are by regular or electronic mail. The first invoice must be paid at the account opening. The following invoices must be paid fully up to thirty (30) days after receipt of the invoice.


All recurring annual fees are payable in advance. All monies must be paid in dollars (CAD) within thirty (30) days of the date on invoices issued by Lewebsimple. Customer make such payment by check drawn on the funds immediately available, said check to be delivered to Lewebsimple at the address mentioned at the beginning of this document. Any payment not made when due bear interest at the rate of two percent (2%) per month, compounded monthly (equivalent to an annual interest rate of 26.86%). Check or debit that will be returned for lack of funds will lead to CAD 20 management fees.


Following a payment default, a notice of 48 hours to address them will be shipped. In case the payment is not made within the prescribed period, the account will be temporarily suspended for non-payment. In shared hosting, this suspension will be done by cutting the FTP access and changing the home page. A fee of 25 CAD will be required to reactivate the account in addition to the full payment of overdue bills and whatever the type of service.

Cancellation or non-renewal of the agreement

The agreement is automatically renewed at the end of each payment period. Either party may terminate this Agreement after the end of the commitment period indicated on the service card, (i) without cause, upon written notice to the other party – notice 30 days for the cancellation of shared hosting plans; or (ii) if the other party (x) is in default in respect of an important component of these (this includes, any failure by the Customer to make payment when due) and if n has not remedied this defect within a reasonable time following receipt of a notice issued by the other party attesting; or (y) is the subject of proceedings voluntarily taken under laws relating to bankruptcy or insolvency or unwittingly the subject of proceedings taken under laws relating to bankruptcy or insolvency which are not rejected within sixty (60) days from the time of filing. The account closure request or non-renewal must be accompanied by the signature of the Customer. This request may be sent by email or by post to the following address: Lewebsimple 139 blv. Perron New Richmond QC G0C 2B0. The account closure notice must contain the domain name of the account to cancel the Client’s name, signature of the Customer and the reason for the cancellation of the account.

Payment obligation

The Customer is obliged to pay its account even if he makes no use. Upon opening an account, and reserves Lewebsimple assigns a hosting space, resources and equipment according to customer needs, the customer thus has the opportunity to use their account at will since its commissioning.

Network uptime guarantee

Lewebsimple s’ committed to devoting all reasonable efforts commercially to ensure the best possible service to the Customer.

Major forces

Neither party can not be held liable for any delay, interruption or failure to perform any of its obligations because of a fortuitous event, a declared or undeclared war, an attack terrorist, a fire, a storm, a prolonged power outage, a landslide, an earthquake, a virus attack, computer virus or some other event of the same nature for which the affected party’s control (“force majeure”). In case of force majeure, the party invoking force majeure shall notify the other party as soon as possible. The party invoking force majeure is committed to devoting all reasonable efforts commercially to end the incidence of force majeure or remedy. This article can not however be invoked to excuse a failure to make payment when due.


Lewebsimple will do everything possible in order to have backup copies of the content servers and sets up a full backup copy mechanism for all of its shared hosting solutions. A safeguard procedure which is done daily, every day. Lewebsimple will in no event be liable for damages resulting from loss of data.

Ownership and copyright

Customer represents and warrants that he is either the owner of the content it hosts, or it holds all necessary rights in respect of such content allowing it to place such content in its service area.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction of the Courts.

This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted under the laws of the place where is located the headquarters of Lewebsimple without regard to the provisions on conflict of laws applicable therein. Hereby acquiesce parties irrevocably and unconditionally the jurisdiction of all courts competent to sit in appeal of such trial courts.

The customer accepts that Lewebsimple can create accounts or subscription services for it.


Any complaint or abuse noticed on a site hosted by Lewebsimple should be sent to info@lewebsimple.ca

Lewebsimple reserves the right to modify at any time these policies. Lewebsimple reserves all rights that have not been expressly granted to it herein. By subscribing to service Lewebsimple. Customer agrees and affirms to have read the usage policies. On request Lewebsimple. may request to receive a copy of the document signed by the Client.

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