Bouette et bitume

Description du projet

Organized by the Club de Gaspé Vélocipeg, the cyclist Festival Bouette et bitume (B2) offers a program of cycling activities (hikes, challenges, competitions) and complementary (workshops, conferences, booths, demonstrations, shows, entertainment, etc.) as for amateur cyclists as well the most seasoned sports families. It is a unifying outdoor event that celebrates all forms of cycling (mountain, road, tourism, etc.) since 2012. The B2 offers including the famous Gran Fondo Forillon Gaspesia and 100, two of the most noted events Canada in an exceptional natural environment!

For the Club Vélocipeg, we have developed a series of three websites, Bouette et bitume (B2) which includes all information about the Festival, Gran Fondo Forillon for the road bike portion, and the Gaspesia 100 for the mountain bike. Everything is bilingual and compatible with mobiles and tablets. An easy navigation has been developed to facilitate access from one site to another.

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Client : Club Vélocipeg

Mot clé : Website

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